An Illiterate for a Day

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We recently celebrated the International Literacy Day but results claim 750 million adults still remain illiterate.Have you experienced being an illiterate or wondered if you were one and then the experience.

As Prof. Muller mentioned once on Quora, there are many types of intelligence. Even a visit to a country where you don’t speak, read, write or understand the language is an experience.

My most rewarding experience was operating an IOS, compatible with Android (many are amused with)a delayed decision to own an IOS, reluctant to seek assistance to navigate through its applications, the time spent and the emotions experienced drifted me to experience illiteracy, food to thought.

TThe conventional definition; Literacy has been referred to the ability to read and write in a language. However, in Modern times, the term refers to competence within a field of specialized knowledge and requires adaptable skills to many of our daily activities, even operating the laundry and to many even operating an ATM machine.

The fact that some cannot read or write and know that such skills exist and many possess them and do not is overwhelming.

Today the term illiteracy as an adaptive skill is an experience to many, helps us understand and motivates us to want it and learn it.

The key is the Experience and the Learning; Be an illiterate for a to be a better literate for a lifetime.

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