Speaking with Power and Panache

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Are you aware, the sound of voices involved in an interaction determine the outcome, confirmed by psychological scientist - Sei jin ko

In fact the basic acoustic properties of your voice is altered dramatically while in position of power. In short, being in position of power changes the way you speak.

The next debatable question to many, Can training help you speak with Power and Panache even if you don’t enjoy the so termed power. The answer is an Emphatic 'Yes", certain variations in pedagogy can train the vocals with conscious deliberate effort to conscious speaking with power not just responding or engaging.

From Training Business Leaders to Cabin Crews and participants of beauty Pageants,spontaneous responding to informative speech, persuasive speech, occasion speech etc our results in our Training has proved it all.

Its time to draw people in with your vocal, voice inflection,emphasis, tone, while balancing boldness with humility, stand out; Spare the ears and Trim the Noise

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