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The haste and determination to survive in the post pandemic market not just for Business Models and Entrepreneurs but for Professionals too are found considering every successive option that works for others, replicated to the best but the success rate becomes questionable.

Is there an inspiring alternative to the steady chop chop chop?

As far as it can be observed in the new now; most of the businesses no longer differentiate their products from those of their competitors as a primary focus on higher quality, great service, exquisite features but lowering the prices.

Taking clients far "beyond satisfaction"(Oren Harari) while remaining rational is the current "reviving market" is yet another question. The uncertainty lurks in today’s business climate In such uncertainty, I see a few breaking from the pack and making it a possibility. These are professionals who more than ever seem to invest on personal development to accelerate peak performance,in a surviving economy. Breaking from the pack to create your own economic destiny has become imperative more than before (Oren Harari).

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